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Macramé lamp shades and pendant lights are my jam.

Gosh, how I love making these.

Discover a collection of decadent lighting solutions, from macramé lamp shades and light shades for standing lamps to macramé pendant lights and ceiling lights.

Macramé lamp shade or macramé light shade—what's the difference?

When it comes to macramé lighting, you may see the phrases 'lamp shade' and 'light shade' used and wonder what the difference is—and which one you need.

As far as my own collection goes, I use those phrases interchangeably to describe the shades that go on either a standing lamp or tabletop lamp.

If you're looking for a macramé ceiling light, however, keep reading the next section:

Macramé ceiling lights and hanging macramé pendant lights

Sometimes called macramé pendant lights, macramé ceilings lights, hanging macramé lamps; whatever you call them, they refer to the lamp shades that hang from a bulb suspended from your ceiling.

What kind of bulb do I need to use with my macramé lamp shade?

You typically need to have a pendant bulb to hang a macramé ceiling light shade, and you also need to make sure you're using an LED bulb for safety (halogen bulbs heat up and aren't suitable for use with a macramé light shade.

Made-to-order macramé light shades

As they're so intricate and particular dimensions are often required, most of the macramé lamp shades that I make are made-to-order. 

What does that mean? If you don't see the product you're looking for listed below, please reach out to me via the contact form and I'd be happy to dream up and design your perfect macramé lamp shade exactly for your space.

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